Warranty Terms

All our bows are covered by six months warranty

  1. The warranty covers breakages, gluing problems and in general all those production defects that may occur in a craft product.
  2. It does not cover the lack of maintenance and incorrect use of the product by the purchaser.
  3. It does not cover the erroneous behavior of the archer in leaving the arch exposed to sources of heat such as heaters, radiators or left exposed to the sun or by car.
  4. Does not cover the use of yarns different in number of threads or material from the one supplied with the bow itself. The use of linen strings immediately invalidates the warranty claim.
  5. Does not cover damage due to safe shoot.
  6. It does not cover the opening of the arc without an arrow beyond its declared extension (overdraw).
  7. The guarantee does not apply if the bows are sold with a discount equal to or greater than 30%