The realization of a bow composed of more wood has proved a viable alternative to the use of only one (rate, osage, elm).

After careful research I have selected three different Bamboo for the back, Hickoey, Osage, Bolivian Ipe and Amaranth for the central part and for the belly.

An important help came from my knowledge of the wing structures and modern engineering, which allowed to improve the indications given by the 18th century builders, improving the distribution of the energy accumulated during the opening and getting a quick and powerful release.

Each arch and its implementation are a world unto itself. Every part is carefully chosen, in anticipation of the features that are required.

The workmanship is exclusively handmade. The use of power tools is reserved only to cut wood, and the first roughing.

All the bow machining is performed with use of sand papaer swabs, "rasere" (small stainless steel plates with the roughened rim to remove thin layers of wood) and precision files.

For the bonding of the various parts is used epoxy resin for aeronautical use, with perfect characteristics of stability, elasticity and durability.