Hickory Historical Sinusoidal Flatbow

The Hickory Historical Sinusoidal Flatbow of Victorian Era.

Technical features
Back: Yellow Chinese Bamboo.
Middle: Amaranth or Ipe on demand.
Belly: two layers of Hickory
Handle: Layers of different thickness and material (Amaranth, Ipe, Movingui, Ash) to favor stiffness and load distribution from handle to tip.
Water buffalo horn tips with reverse wedge reinforcement.
leather handle cake strip.

Recurve bow with a sinusoidal pattern. 
The bow profile is semi-elliptical with the space for the slimmer limbs handle.
The limbs are tapered to the ends and are of different lengths to distribute the energies generated by the traction of the hand. 
The handle is integrated in the space between the front and the back and defines the central part of the curve.

Lengths from 64", 66", 68" and 70" according to the archer draw.
Poundage 28 to 56lbs measured at 27".
Maximum draw length: 27" for the 66" and 30" for the 70". Up 30" draw lenght only on demand.
Arrow speed test carried out on 32Lbs bow than 160fps.

Derived from photographs of mid '800 and' 900 and the designs present on the treatises of the period, suffered during the making some adjustments necessary for the different texture of the wood used at the time and the current ones. The result is a very flowing and reactive bow comparable to a modern Longbow of the latest generation. The arrows must have a well calibrated spine for maximum performance. Is possible to switch from a modern Longbow to this bow without any difficulty. Each bow has custom Tips with different shapes and sizes.